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If you opt for a diagnostic and treatment at Carmel MC in Israel, as our prospective patient, you will need to provide us with information as follows so we can proceed with elaboration of a medical programme.

1. Query


Your query for further exchange of information, any questions, all available medical information can be sent via following channels with details provided at “Contact details”:

Preferred type of communication:

  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Email

Chat form on the right side.

2. Emailing of all your medical documents

 Emailing of all your medical documents

You can download a CD or and an archive with your medical documentation at such sites as or Dropbox and send us a link.





3. Elaboration and organization of a medical programme

Elaboration and organization of a medical programme

A preliminary medical programme of patients’ treatment in Israel is elaborated on the basis of an extract of his / her clinical record which must always contain the name of the consulting physician.

The programme will also contain a projected duration of hospitalisation, a preliminary programme of diagnostic and treatment and cost for every stage of treatment.

The medical program is sent together with the invitation from Carmel MC as administrative support documents for the patient’s entry to the country as well as for the persons accompanying him / her.


4. Journey arrangements

Journey arrangements

The elaborated medical programme of diagnostic and treatment in Israel is sent to the patient by fax or email.

Next steps:

  • Patient determines the date of arrival.
  • Aircraft ticket acquisition.
  • Copy of the aircraft ticket has to be emailed to us so we can make arrangements to meet you at Ben-Gurion or Tel-Aviv airport and accommodate you.

5. Insurance


Patient and persons accompanying him / her have to take out an insurance policy to cover an insurance event in Israel (not related to the main disease).




6. Cost of diagnostic and treatment

Cost of diagnostic and treatment

Usually the cost of diagnostic and treatment mentioned at the preliminary medical programme elaborated before the patient’s arrival, remains unchanged. Exceptions are possible in cases when the definitive diagnostic is different from the preliminary one. In these circumstances, the alteration of the diagnostic and treatment programme is required.



7. Arrival to Israel for treatment. Payment for services

Arrival to Israel for treatment. Payment for services

The payment of services at Carmel MC is done prior to the start of medical procedures defined at the programme provided to the patient before his / her flight to Israel. The payment can be done in euros, US dollars and shekels.

The payment can also be done by:

  • Travellers cheques (they can be exchanged into local currency at any post office)
  • Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa)
  • Bank transfers according to the invoice
  • Cash (euros, US dollars and shekels).