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The international Carmel Medical Centre (Carmel MC) started operating in 2002. It is located at the ‘Italian Hospital’ and provides medical assistance to local patients as well as to foreign citizens.

Medical treatment in Israel becomes more popular every day. Its popularity and reliability are related to different branches of medicine as our specialists have attained astonishing results in fighting oncological diseases, problems of joints and spinal cord, disorders of immune system, and other illnesses. There are three main factors in success of our treatment regimens:

  • Accurate and early diagnostics
  • Integrated approach to treatment
  • High professional qualification of our doctors

Patients will find all that at Carmel MC, the most famous medical centre in Israel located in Haifa.

History of a private clinic

The Carmel MC international medical centre became operational in 2002. It was opened at the ‘Italian Hospital’ and headed by the internationally acclaimed immunologist and allergist, Dr Elias Tuby. This clinic has become a benchmark not only in Israel but in all the Near East when the first surgical interventions took place there and a cobalt gun was first used for radiotherapy. The medical centre with its rich history can be proud of thousands lives saved there.

The Carmel MC international department headed by Dr Vladimir Shapira is specialized in providing medical assistance to foreign citizens. Our medical centre incorporates the best traditions of Israeli medicine, experience and professionalism of our staff, innovative technologies in combating various diseases, and helps people to recover a healthy, happy and fulfilling life on a daily basis. Since the inception of the centre, we have created a real success story of efficient treatment of various diseases.

The clinic’s management and staff are proud of:

  • Having assisted thousands of patients from all over the world in recovering from various disorders
  • Having accumulated an enormous experience and being able to take appropriate decisions in any circumstances
  • Having thoroughly studied and considerably improved the medical tourism industry in Israel
  • Having assembled a team of experts with worldly recognized specialists.

Highly accurate diagnostics of various conditions

The success of a treatment is largely conditioned by the quality of diagnostics. This is the reason why medical treatment in Israel is considered as efficient and practically always meets the expectations of our patients. At Carmel MC we proceed to assessment with the best state-of-the art equipment which allows:

  • To reveal latent dysfunctions in all the systems and organs
  • To determine underlying pre-conditions in evolving pathological processes
  • To prevent serious complications since the earliest stages of the disease
  • To elaborate an optimized treatment program taking into account all the accumulated data.

Highly accurate integrated diagnostics done by professionals and on time considerably accelerates the patients’ recovery and leads to successful results in combating a large spectrum of diseases.

All-star medical team

Our patients are attended by our best specialists at all the stages of their treatment at Carmel MC. From the medical point of view, the clinic is personally managed by Dr Vladimir Shapira, a practicing Israeli doctor of the highest qualification.

The clinic’s staff take a significant part in research work and participate in international scientific conferences, actively collaborating with colleagues in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and other countries. It allows them to keep their professional knowledge updated and to be among the first to learn about innovations and research results in medicine.

From the very first stages of diagnostics till the most complex surgical interventions, our patients are surrounded by professional services of our experienced doctors who provide detailed consultations and always support our patients.

Regardless of the stage of a disease and its complications, every patient of our clinic can be sure to receive a high-quality treatment, full recovery and prompt rehabilitation.


Flexible and individualized approach to every patient

Every human being is unique. This is the reason why health problems have to be treated considering specificities of every individual.

At Carmel MC, we develop a personal treatment program for every patient, which may be rectified and complemented depending on its efficiency. At any moment our doctors are ready:

  • To proceed to consultations with colleagues in other countries in order to take an optimized decision
  • To organize any therapeutic session
  • To proceed to a complementary diagnostic
  • To respond to the slightest alteration in patient’s condition.

Exclusive servicing, high-quality Israeli medicine, first class equipment and responsiveness of our staff altogether guarantee your prompt and complete recovery at Carmel MC.

Feedback from former Carmel MC patients

The best proof of our professionalism can be found in numerous testimonials of our grateful patients able to enjoy life once again and be absolutely healthy as well as to make their dream of having a child come true.

Mr I. Klochko, from Kiev, Ukraine:

My deep and eternal gratitude and many thanks to all the staff of the clinic. You made me feel healthy and happy again. I can enjoy life once again. You have constantly supported, encouraged and inspired me with your attention and care. My gratitude goes to Israeli doctors and their colleagues from around the world and specifically to Professor Dan, Professor Koten and all the others who fought and won with me.

Mr and Mrs A. Kasimov, Kazakhstan

Thanks to doctors from Carmel medical centre who made a miracle in our family come true: we have become parents of a healthy baby! We’ve been dreaming about it for 7 years and tried everything. But the reason of our failures was our health or more specifically, some latent issues. The diagnostics by Dr Boris Weitzman in the Israeli clinic made us understand the causes of our sterility, and the innovative treatment methods of Dr Josef Tahl made us the happiest people in the world.

Request for further communication Emailing of medical documents Establishment and organization of the medical programme Preparation of your trip to Israel Insurance Cost of diagnostic and treatment  Air flight to Israel for treatment
Request for further communication Emailing of medical documents Establishment and organization of the medical programme Preparation of your trip to Israel Insurance Cost of diagnostic and treatment Air flight to Israel for treatment

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