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Spinal surgery in Israel  Ortho Kids  Arthroplasty in Israel

Not later than 20 years ago the treatment of spinal conditions could be problematic as there were no adequate methods available. Nowadays in Israel, spinal surgery has attained a level never witnessed before and allows patients to recover a healthy and fulfilling life style.

Спинальная ортопедия в Израиле: лучшие технологии лечения Dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, disturbances of the spinal cord growth, various traumas and their consequences are rather common phenomena in nowadays. Individuals of any age group can be among patients of our orthopaedic department.

Not later than 20 years ago the treatment of spinal conditions could be problematic as there were no adequate methods available. Nowadays in Israel, spinal surgery has attained a level never witnessed before and allows patients to recover a healthy and fulfilling life style.

Spinal surgery in Israel: fundamental approach and efficiency

The treatment of illnesses of the back is an extremely serious business and must be done under the supervision of experienced orthopaedists. By ignoring these universally accepted rules and addressing for help to amateurs, it is possible to do a lot of harm to oneself and exacerbate the situation.

Every individual has to realize the spinal column plays not only supporting and protective functions but is also a cumulus with a multitude of nerve endings. The spinal column coordinates the functioning of all the internal organs and determines the well-being and quality of life of the individual.

Even a slightest and episodic pain caused by a normal effort can be a sign of inflammatory process. If such alarm signals are ignored, the consequences can be quiet dramatic. Nevertheless, we have to consider the infinite capacities of spinal surgery in Israel.

In Israel, a fundamental scientific and technical research base has been created and allows an efficient treatment of all types of disease and dysfunction. The priorities of this branch of medical science are:

  • Correction of acquired and congenital deformations
  • Reconstruction and repair of dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system
  • Arthroplasty of deteriorated joints.

Unlike medics of other countries, Israeli doctors proceed to extremely complex surgical interventions even at late stages of a disease when the advisability of a surgical intervention might seem doubtful. Modern techniques, application of our unique equipment and professional expertise of Israeli medics decrease risks for patients’ health and allow a successful treatment of orthopaedic illnesses considered as incurable in the rest of the world.

Spinal orthopaedics at Carmel MC

One of the best orthopaedic units in Israel is our specialized department at Carmel Medical Centre. The state-of-the-art equipment of the clinic together with high professionalism of our doctors ensures a successful treatment of various diseases and dysfunctions:

  • Lordosis
  • Stenosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Spondylosis
  • Spondylolistesis and spondyloarthrosis
  • Kyphosis
  • Spinal fractures and herniae.

Our Medical Centre also employs a paediatric orthopaedist.

We also specialize in arthroplasty replacing damaged and destroyed articulations. We will help every patient to overcome his / her most complex health issues regardless of the stage of the disease.

You will forget pain forever and will be able to recover your usual pace of living. By addressing on time to our experts at the international Carmel MC clinic, you will considerably improve your chances of complete recovery.

Спинальная ортопедия в Израиле: лучшие технологии лечения

Individualized approach to every patient

All the patients of our international Carmel MC clinic can count on medical services of the highest level.

Spinal orthopaedics at our centre is based on personalized solution of health issues; for that, we develop an individualized program of treatment and rehabilitation for every single case. It always guarantees a prompt and efficient expected result.

We treat absolutely everything starting with the most common dysfunctions such as spinal herniation, lordosis, scoliosis and kyphosis and ending with the most complex cases of arthroplasty when damaged or destroyed joints cannot be recovered.

Patients of our orthopaedic department are accommodated in comfortable individual rooms for one person. The rooms are fully equipped according to the world standards which will guarantee you a comfortable stay at our clinic and a prompt recovery.

Innovation techniques of surgical intervention

Apart from standard treatment methods, new methods are actively introduced in Israel. One of the brightest and illustrative example is the use of the Spine Assist robotic system for surgical interventions. High-precision equipment gives doctors some wonderful opportunities of low invasive interventions, without incisions.

Precision of interventions is ensured by a 3-dimensional high-definition image projection. After such interventions, no rehabilitation is needed and the convalescence period is reduced to a minimum.

High-quality treatment, consultation of medical experts, excellent servicing are available to everyone. Israeli medicine will restore your health and joy of mobility.

Спинальная ортопедия в Израиле: лучшие технологии лечения

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