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Spinal surgery in Israel  Ortho Kids  Arthroplasty in Israel

The consequences of dysfunctions in the body of a child resulting from a mother’s failure to comply with nutritional recommendations during pregnancy can be observed with a naked eye. These are so-called orthopaedic problems.

Лечение ортопедических нарушений у ребенка It is well known, during pregnancy a future mother needs a correct and well balanced diet as it is one of the main factors of healthy evolution and general condition of an embryo. The consequences of dysfunctions in the body of a child resulting from a mother’s failure to comply with these recommendations can be observed with a naked eye. These are so-called orthopaedic problems.

Congenital hip dysplasia

The most common condition is hip joint dysplasia resulting from foetal growth restriction. Chances to develop such a condition are considerably increased not only by unfavourable ecological environment but especially by deficiency, in the mother’s diet, of food containing required minerals and vitamins responsible for a correct growth of connective tissue and mineralisation of cartilaginous tissue.

It is important to emphasize that dysplasia leads to derangements of supporting function of limbs and leaves the child disabled.Лечение ортопедических нарушений у ребенка

Medicine distinguishes 3 degrees of hip joint growth dysfunction:

  • First degree dysplasia
  • Incomplete dislocation (subluxation)
  • Dislocation (luxation)

In our country, paediatric orthopaedics is well developed. Nevertheless, various types of therapy together with water procedures, regular gymnastics and massage do not always give an expected result. In case of high degree of deformation, the problem can be removed only surgically.

Accentuated flatfoot or splayfoot, limb distortion or limited joint mobility, joint looseness or alteration of a part of hands or feet can also figure among indications for a surgical intervention.

Spinal disorders of children

In case of children, several factors may cause a spinal curvature of the following types:

  • Inclined posture
  • Flat back, plane concave or rounded back (sway back)
  • Kyphosis: convex curving of the spine
  • Lordosis: equivalent concave curving of the spine
  • Scoliosis

Лечение ортопедических нарушений у ребенка The most common among the above mentioned disorders is scoliosis which is a lateral curving of the spinal axis occurring when a young child spends a lot of time being seated or laying on a soft mattress; especially with such a condition as rickets.

Such a deformation may also occur in a more adult age because of uneven pressure on the spinal axis while sitting at the desk, piano or in front of a computer screen for long periods of time.

Carmel MC, a solution to all your problemsЛечение ортопедических нарушений у ребенка

If you opt for a surgical treatment of your child in Israel, it can help him to get rid of all the above mentioned problems which are beyond the competence of child orthopaedics of other countries.

In the specialized department of Carmel MC our highly skilled doctors proceed to dozens of complex interventions on children of any age every day while using the latest achievements of modern medicine.

High quality treatment in Israel allows to leave pathologies of growth of hip joint, scoliosis and other disorders in the past, forever. We accept even toddlers as patients of our clinic, to say nothing of teenagers. Any deformation of joints or spinal cord can be successfully treated by highly qualified specialists of our clinic.

It is important to emphasize that treatment in Israel solves multiple health issues of a child, and among them we may quote:

  • Consequences of injuries, including athletic ones
  • Congenital deformation (foot eversion, hip joint dysplasia)
  • Limbs of different length
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Tumours of musculoskeletal system
  • Scoliosis etc.

Carmel MC is a synonym of a state-of-the art orthopaedics for children which includes surgical corrections of various disorders as well as highly accurate diagnostics with an assistance of high quality equipment.

In any case, do not leave health issues of your children without a due attention as the foundation of their healthy and happy life without limitations is laid at this tender age.


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