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Healthy, firm and resilient articulations are the basis of the human musculoskeletalsystem. Any dysfunction and inflammation not only gives acute pain but considerably limits physical abilities of the individual.

Эндопротезирование в Израиле Healthy, firm and resilient articulations are the basis of the human musculoskeletalsystem. Any dysfunction and inflammation not only gives acute pain but considerably limits physical abilities of the individual. Articulations dysfunction have to be treated early and adequately and be based on high-quality diagnostic which can exclude any recurrent disorder.

Classification of articulation dysfunctionsЭндопротезирование в Израиле

Medics distinguish 2 main groups of joint tissue disorders which are arthrosis and arthritis. Modern diagnostics can promptly identify the exact type of the disease and select the most appropriate and efficient treatment method. It is important to prevent complications and ask for medical assistance on time because in case of irreversible process, articulations have to be replaced which is quiet a radical measure.

Arthrosis is a degenerative joint disease resulting from deterioration pf a joint or nutritional deficiency in the body. Among main causes of arthrosis, we can quote advanced age, hormonal deficiency, past infections and other factors.

The experts agree individuals of any age can be at risk. Arthrosis is revealed by distinctive crackle and painful sensation during even short physical exercises. The most common types of arthrosis are as follows:

  • gonarthrosis (or osteoarthrosis of the knee). This segment of the human musculoskeletal system is under tremendous pressure during the whole lifetime of the individual which explains its leading position in the risk group. Knee replacement is the exclusive way of recovering the mobility of the individual.
  • coxarthrosis (or osteoarthrosis of the hip). It develops gradually but if the disease is left without treatment, hip replacement might be required as degenerative process is irreversible.

Эндопротезирование в Израиле The first symptom of the condition is pain. It can be moderate and intermittent, but it can never be left ignored. If the treatment does not start on time, the affected joint is initially deformed and subsequently suffers a total deterioration which requires an arthroplasty.

The nature of arthritis is inflammatory. The disease evolves as a complication of viral and cold-related diseases. Among other causes, medics quote:

  • traumas
  • critical vitamin deficiency
  • intoxication
  • metabolism dysfunctions
  • hypothermia
  • advanced age
  • genetic predisposition.

In any case, arthritis causes pain, discomfort and requires a quality treatment. When it is impossible to regenerate the affected area, arthroplasty comes to help.

Эндопротезирование в Израиле Joint replacement in Israel

Israeli medicine is famous all over the world because of its efficiency and high degree of development. Arthroplasty, an extremely precise surgical intervention actively practiced here, allows patients with affected joints to live an active and fulfilling life again.

Many patients suffering from daily acute pain and motion limitations, consider replacement of the knee joint and other affected areas unnecessary to the utmost. But the experience of medical profession and results of the research prove the knee joint replacement is an Эндопротезирование в Израиле absolutely harmless type of surgical intervention and allows to completely restore the abilities of the musculoskeletal system within a quiet short period of time.

The success of Israeli doctors is based on precise diagnostics. It allows to not only determine the causes for which the person needs a replacement of the hip or other segments but also to select the most appropriate type of replacement. Investigation helps to prevent healthy joints from being affected as with the knowledge of the causes, it is easier to counter the progression of a disease.

Эндопротезирование в Израиле Knee joint replacement at Carmel Medical Centre

Carmel MC provides a high-quality diagnostics and treatment of all the diseases of joints as well as arthroplasty of coxofemoral joint (hip joint), surgery of the knee, the elbow and other areas of the body. The orthopaedic department is staffed with experienced doctors, experts in arthroplasty. We serve patients of any age while offering the best medical techniques and an exclusive service, i.e.:

  • treatment by internationally acclaimed doctors
  • active implementation of computer assisted techniques
  • individual adjustment of high-quality prosthetic appliances
  • extensive pool of diagnostic and convalescence tools.

In our work, we use the products of world leading manufacturers of prosthetic appliances. It guarantees compatibility and high reliability and performance of replaced joint. The best doctors of Israel can help every patient to recover an active life style.

Эндопротезирование в Израиле

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